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Symtech Canada

Distributor of textile machinery, accessories, components, spare parts, and technical services for spinning, filament, weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, coating, and laminating markets.

I-85 Business Exit 7 P.O. Box 2627
Spartanburg, Caroline du Sud, 29304
Téléphone: 864-578-7101
Télécopieur: 864-578-7107
Site internet:
Adresse courriel:


Othmar Haeni,
Benoit Leduc,

Entreprises représentées

Amsler-Tex, Switzerland(Effect yarn device, slubbing device, core yarn device, multi-count device, effect yarn visualization software, machine network system)
Automation Partners(Yield control systems, Pick/Stitch density monitoring systems)
Barco, Belgium (New England/Canada)(Dye house monitoring, dye house control, controllers, color systems, color quality control)
Benninger, Switzerland(Sectional warper, direct warper, tension devices, creels, package adapters, slasher (sizing) machines, single end sizing, beamers)
Biancalani, Italy(Fabric softening, fabric surface treating, continuous ''stone wash '' machine)
Blue Reed, USA(Reeds -profile, reeds - flat, combs)
Colombo, Italy(Embossing, laminating, calendar, lacquering, rotogravure printing, holographic imaging)
Color Service, Italy(Powder dye dispensing, liquid dye dispensing, chemical (powder & liquid) dispensing, laboratory dispensing)
Crealet, Switzerland(Electronic let-off units)
Eltrol, USA(Roving stop motion)
Enviro-Air, USA(Air filtration, HEPA filter)
Fimtextile, Italy(Projectile weaving shedding motion, rapier weaving shedding motion, air jet weaving shedding motion, electronic rotary dobby, positive dobby - mechanical, cam motion)
Fischer-Poege, Germany(Tying-in machines, drawing-in machines, dropper pinning machines, reed drawing-in machines)
Hacoba, Switzerland(Industrial sewing thread winders, domestic sewing thread winders, king spool winders, cross winders, parallel winders, automatic bobbin winders)
HDB, Belgium(Opening, blending, woolen carding, semi-worsted spinning, metal detector)
Holz, Germany(Roving machine components, flyers, garment (twist)cap, pressure ring)
Hunziker, Switzerland (New England/Canada)(Full width temples, temples, temple rings, temple rollers)
Iro/Roj, Italy (New England/Canada)(Weft feeders, filling feeders)
Isotex, Italy(Coating range, coating equipment, dryers,take-ups, let-offs, accumulators)
Itema Group, USA(Sulzer Textil TM, Somet, Savio, Promatech, Fimtextile)
Jacobi, Germany(Traveling cleaners (vacuum & blow), central vacuum systems, portable vacuum systems, card cleaning vacuum)
KSM(Clips, pin-clips, transport chains)
Loepfe, Switzerland(Yarn clearers, foreign fiber detector, monitoring system for winding, hairiness monitoring, on-line quality data - hairiness & SFI)
Mezzera (H.T.P.Unitex),Italy(Atmospheric jigger, pressurized jigger)
MS Group, Italy(Inspection frames, batchers, wrapping machines, automatic roll systems, cutting machines)
Ratti, Italy(2 for 1 twisters, pirn winders, novelty yarn twisters, sewing thread twisters, industrial yarn twisters,covering machine)
Roaches, UK(Infra-red heating with total flexibility, Smoothness analysis system)
ROJ, Italy(Chrono X2 Weft feeder, designed for heavy and dusty yarns in polypropylene sector, weaving creel)
San Gratto, Italy(Automatic packaging systems, package doffers, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, palletizers, de-palletizers, boxing machines, wrappers, banders, labelers, computer control systems, AGV transporters)
Santalucia (Unitech), Italy(Tenter frames, multi-layer frames)
Savio Macchine Tessili, Italy(ORION, automatic winders GEMINIS, two for one twisters FLEXIROTOR, rotor spinning frames ESPEROS, winder for continous shrinking)
Scholze, Switzerland (New England/Canada)(Warp beams, beams for weaving - warp & fabric, canisters for weaving, warp trucks, cloth trucks, style change trucks)
Somet, Italy(ALPHA, negative rapier looms MYTHOS, airjet looms)
SSM, Switzerland(Backwinders, lubrication winders, air tacking, air covering winder, sewing thread winder, interlace machine, technical yarn winder, assembly winder, dye package winder, take-ups, air texturing machines)
Stahle, Germany(Air jet texturing, draw winder, draw / interlace machine)
Strayfield, UK(Radio frequency dryers)
Sulzer Textil TM, Switzerland(Projectile weaving, rapier weaving, air jet weaving)
Suzuki, Japan(Sample warping, Yamada sizing winder)
Texparts, Germany(Specialized bearings, diversion rolls, ''VR'' separator rolls)
Thies, Germany(Fabric dyeing, jet dyeing , yarn dyeing, beam dyeing, dryers)
Trastecnica, Italy(AGV transport system, sliver can AGV)
Vamatex, Italy(LEONARDO SILVER, high speed rapier loom DYNATERRY, terry cloth loom)
Willy Grob, Switzerland(Fabric take-ups (batching units), warp let offs, selvedge draw off devices, warp delivery units, on-loom inspection stands, warp creel)